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Ticket #412 (closed enhancement: fixed)

Opened 2009-09-01T09:34:06-05:00

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Add support for scanning microscopy formats

Reported by: melissa Owned by: melissa
Priority: minor Milestone: bio-formats-5.0
Component: bio-formats Severity: non-issue
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We have source code from Image SXM for handling several scanning microscopy formats. This source code is in data/specs/image-sxm.

It would be nice to port this code to Bio-Formats readers.

Change History

comment:1 Changed 2010-01-21T09:20:52-06:00 by melissa

The formats are:

  • Asylum Research
  • Burleigh
  • DME
  • Pentax RAW (data/sxm/steve/DSLR raw files/*.PEF)
  • Digital Instruments Nanoscope
  • Gatan (NOT .dm3) (data/sxm/steve/Gatan)
  • Hamamatsu .his
  • JEOL
  • JPK
  • Klocke .stm
  • LEO
  • Molecular Imaging
  • NT-MDT
  • NanoMagnetics SIF
  • Nanonics
  • Nanonis
  • Nanosurf
  • Nanotec WSxM
  • Noran Vantage
  • Omicron
  • Oxford Instruments
  • PDS
  • Park Scientific
  • Philips
  • Quesant Instruments
  • RHK Tech
  • SBIG
  • SM-Camera
  • SPEC
  • Seiko Instruments
  • Targa
  • TopoMetrix
  • UBM
  • Unisoku
  • VG SAM
  • WA Technology
  • Wyko
  • ...and whatever is in 'data/sxm/steve/Misc SXM test images'

comment:2 Changed 2010-01-25T12:57:19-06:00 by melissa

(In [5829]) Added Targa reader. See #412.

comment:3 Changed 2010-01-25T14:14:30-06:00 by melissa

(In [5830]) * Added LEO EM reader. See #412.

  • Updated FITS reader to allow the 'fts' extension.

comment:4 Changed 2010-02-12T10:58:56-06:00 by melissa

(In [5907]) Added reader for Oxford Instruments' SPM files. See #412.

comment:5 Changed 2010-02-12T12:30:31-06:00 by melissa

(In [5908]) Added reader for Unisoku files. See #412.

comment:6 Changed 2010-02-12T13:05:17-06:00 by melissa

(In [5909]) Added reader for VG SAM .dti files. See #412.

comment:7 Changed 2010-02-13T10:31:09-06:00 by melissa

(In [5912]) Added reader for Hamamatsu .his files. See #412.

comment:8 Changed 2010-02-26T17:18:16-06:00 by melissa

(In [5972]) Added Gatan .dm2 reader and fixed a couple of Gatan .dm3 bugs. See #412.

comment:9 Changed 2010-03-01T09:20:13-06:00 by melissa

(In [5975]) Added reader for WA Technology .wat files. See #412.

comment:10 Changed 2010-03-02T15:11:12-06:00 by melissa

(In [5983]) Added SM Camera reader. See #412.

comment:11 Changed 2010-03-02T16:18:34-06:00 by melissa

(In [5984]) Added Seiko reader and cleaned up SM Camera reader a bit. See #412.

comment:12 Changed 2010-03-03T12:26:33-06:00 by melissa

(In [5985]) Added TopoMetrix reader. See #412.

comment:13 Changed 2010-03-05T16:02:37-06:00 by melissa

(In [5993]) Added JEOL reader. See #412.

comment:14 Changed 2010-03-08T08:16:34-06:00 by melissa

(In [5996]) Tweaked FEI reader to support Philips .img files. See #412.

comment:15 Changed 2010-03-08T14:43:24-06:00 by melissa

(In [6001]) Added UBM reader. See #412.

comment:16 Changed 2010-03-09T18:47:48-06:00 by melissa

(In [6013]) Added Quesant reader. See #412.

comment:17 Changed 2010-03-10T09:34:04-06:00 by melissa

(In [6015]) Added Burleigh reader. See #412.

comment:18 Changed 2010-04-26T12:11:40-05:00 by melissa

(In [6191]) Added SBIG reader and fixed a NIfTI type detection bug. See #412.

comment:19 Changed 2010-04-26T13:51:43-05:00 by melissa

(In [6193]) Added RHK Technologies reader. See #412.

comment:20 Changed 2010-04-27T13:16:46-05:00 by melissa

(In [6197]) * Added Molecular Imaging and JPK readers. See #412.

  • Minor cleanup in SBIG reader.

comment:21 Changed 2010-05-06T08:33:31-05:00 by melissa

  • Milestone changed from bio-formats-4.2 to bio-formats-5.0

comment:22 Changed 2010-10-12T14:08:01-05:00 by curtis

  • Cc cervetti.christian@… added

comment:23 Changed 2011-02-02T04:45:00-06:00 by curtis

  • Status changed from new to closed
  • Resolution set to fixed

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