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Ticket #674 (closed feature: fixed)

Opened 2012-03-12T10:05:18-05:00

Last modified 2012-08-01T15:17:00-05:00

SLIMPlugin: Ensure TRI2 and SLIMPlugin results agree

Reported by: aivar Owned by: aivar
Priority: critical Milestone: slimplugin1.1
Component: slim-plugin Severity: serious
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Blocked By: #678, #679, #697, #698, #711, #712, #715, #716 Blocking: #727


Make sure that TRI2 and SLIMPlugin come up with the same results when all settings correspond.

Change History

comment:1 Changed 1969-12-31T18:22:11-06:00 by curtis

  • Blocking 664 added

comment:2 Changed 1969-12-31T18:22:12-06:00 by aivar

  • Blocked By 678 added

comment:3 Changed 1969-12-31T18:22:12-06:00 by aivar

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comment:4 Changed 1969-12-31T18:22:14-06:00 by aivar

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comment:5 Changed 1969-12-31T18:22:14-06:00 by aivar

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comment:1 Changed 2012-03-12T10:58:13-05:00 by curtis

  • Type changed from defect to feature

comment:2 Changed 2012-03-12T10:58:41-05:00 by curtis

First step is to discover the reasons why there is a discrepancy. Then file one ticket per task/reason, beneath this one.

comment:3 Changed 2012-04-16T10:35:51-05:00 by aivar

  • Milestone changed from slimplugin1.0 to slimplugin1.1

comment:4 Changed 2012-05-07T10:41:00-05:00 by aivar

Removed blocking of #664 since that ticket concerned architectural changes to the plugin. The architecture is fine for the initial release and there are are no architectural changes holding back agreement with TRI2.

comment:5 Changed 2012-05-07T10:43:33-05:00 by aivar

  • Status changed from new to assigned
  • Blocking 664 removed

comment:6 Changed 2012-06-11T15:51:49-05:00 by aivar

  • Blocked By 711 added

comment:7 Changed 2012-06-11T16:00:14-05:00 by aivar

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comment:8 Changed 2012-06-11T17:01:00-05:00 by aivar

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comment:9 Changed 2012-06-12T12:03:16-05:00 by aivar

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comment:10 Changed 2012-06-15T18:49:14-05:00 by aivar

  • Blocked By 716 added

comment:11 Changed 2012-07-16T09:52:57-05:00 by aivar

  • Priority changed from major to critical

comment:12 Changed 2012-07-16T10:00:26-05:00 by aivar

  • Type changed from feature to defect

comment:13 Changed 2012-07-22T15:34:21-05:00 by curtis

  • Type changed from defect to feature

This is a "feature" because it is a high-level ticket with many subtickets that are part of it. When the subtickets are all closed, this feature ticket can be closed. (And if the subtickets do not adequately encompass all aspects of this work, additional subtickets should be filed to address that.)

comment:14 Changed 2012-07-30T10:40:42-05:00 by aivar

  • Blocking 727 added

comment:15 Changed 2012-08-01T15:13:20-05:00 by aivar

  • Blocked By 713 removed

(In #713) Removed blocking #674 so I could close that ticket. This is a very specific instance of TRI2/SLIM Plugin disagreement unlike the others.

I will address this bug when I work on SLIM Curve; I'm planning to add a Gamma function there.

comment:16 Changed 2012-08-01T15:16:47-05:00 by aivar

TRI2 & SLIM Plugin results do generally agree. Remaining discrepancies are due to differences in rounding scheme from TRI2 and SLIM Plugin. A change to the TRI2 rounding scheme is planned to bring the two in line.

comment:17 Changed 2012-08-01T15:17:00-05:00 by aivar

  • Status changed from assigned to closed
  • Resolution set to fixed